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To help you get some answers right away, here are some of the more frequent questions that we answer regarding scuba diving lessons, dive charter trips local and abroad, and local diving conditions. If you don’t see the answer to your question, please contact us at (604) 983-2232 or via email at info@bcdive.com and we will promptly answer your questions.

Q: What is scuba diving really like?
A: Imagine a world where gravity almost does not exist. A world where the sea life will come up to you because they think you are one big ugly fish. A world of peaceful, tranquil silence where divers feel almost like they are flying. A world of colors and hidden wonders where only a select few who take the plunge can witness the beauty we call the underwater kingdom. That is almost what it is like to be a diver. To truly understand, you have to become a diver!!

Q: Is it difficult to learn how to dive?
A: No, diving is not difficult, but it does require proper training. There are several certification agencies that can help you learn how to dive safely. However, PADI is the largest and perhaps the easiest agency to learn from. With their cohort of educational designers and experienced dive instructors, the PADI system of learning to dive combines easy teaching and learning methods with safety and excitement in mind. Try the economical Discover Scuba course to see for yourself how easy it is to learn to dive with PADI.

Q: How do I get my certification?
A: The easiest way is to visit our store. We have instructors on staff and offer several courses on diving throughout the year. These include a basic open water course, which is ideal for new divers all the way to specialty training and technical dive training.

Q: Is the diving interesting locally?
A: British Columbia is rated the number one cool water destination spot in the world! Locally, our sea-life is abundant and unique with colors and patterns that will dazzle your eyes. We have wolf eels and octopus that will thrill any diver. There are wrecks all over the coast that beckon exploration. This makes local diving both fun and exciting.

Q: Is it expensive to dive?
A: Compared to various other sports, diving is relatively cheap to do. Gear lasts a very long time. Once you have your own stuff, diving will only cost you time and an airfill (Approx. $5 Cdn a fill).

Or consider our Cheap Thrills rental package. For $349.00 you can rent basic scuba gear as much as you want for a 6 month period. Newly certified students get a discount rate of $100 for 3 months. This fabulous package can make diving cheaper than going to the movies.

Q: Does it take a long time to learn to dive?
A: Learning to dive is a flexible thing. In our regularly scheduled classes, it will take you three weeks comprising of 2 classroom and pool sessions per week and one weekend for the open water scuba diver certification. However, for those on a more restricted schedule, private classes can be set up to complete your training in a minimum of 4 days to a maximum of basically whatever you choose.

Q: I’ve heard that BC waters are cold. How cold is it really?
A: By convention, BC waters are listed as cold. However compared to the waters of San Diego, California, our waters are only a few degrees cooler. This makes BC diving “cool” water diving rather than cold water diving. Regardless, you will be encased in so much neoprene insulation (with a wetsuit or drysuit) that at the worst it will feel like sitting in a cool temperature public swimming pool.

Q: Do I need a drysuit to dive in BC waters?
A: Not really. Our water temperature are within the lower range of wetsuit use and the upper range of neoprene drysuit use. That means that the average diver is quite comfortable diving locally in a wetsuit. A drysuit is certainly more convenient for the hard-core diver as many of our shore based dive sites do not have changing rooms for wetsuit divers.

Q: Can you dive all year round in BC?
A: The answer is a definite yes. In the summer, the surface waters are typically warmer however visibility can be reduced due to organic matter that thrives with sunlight. Conversely, in the winter, surface temperatures can be cooler but visibility can exceed 120 feet in certain areas which is comparable to some tropical dive sites.

Q: Do you have getaway charter trips available?
A: We have regularly scheduled boat charter trips to the Gulf Islands, to Nanaimo, Campbell River, Port Hardy, the infamous Barkley Sound and all the world class dive spots. Also if you have a large enough group, we can certainly set up private charters to whereever you want to go and at times convenient for you.

Q: Do you have local, one day charter trips available?
A: Yes, we have very economical day and night trips to Howe Sound and the Indian Arm area. Night dives run $25 Cdn per person for one night dive on a boat and $60 for two day dives aboard a boat. All of these trips are lead by our experienced divemasters or instructors offering you a safe and exciting guided tour of our favourite local dive sites.

Q: Do you have charter trips abroad?
A: Yes, our travel department can economically accommodate trips down south or over seas for both divers and non-divers alike. This includes simple airfare arrangements to all-inclusive getaway holidays. Consult with our in-house travel consultant to plan your next holiday

Q: Do you offer enriched air services?
A: Yes, we offer both nitrox use training and nitrox filling services as well as gas analysis for those down-blending their tanks, as well as regulator and tank oxygen cleaning.

Q: Do you offer tank servicing?
A: Yes! Our on-staff factory trained technicians offer everything from tank hyro-testing, steel tank tumbling, valve servicing, visual inspection, to visual plus inspection (non-destructive eddy current testing). To help you understand what was serviced, we offer servicing reports and VIP plus scan printouts so that you can be confident that the work was done right.

Q: Do you offer regulator servicing?
A: Yes! Our in-housefactory trained technicians offer manufacturer warranty service on Scubapro, Zeagle, Sherwood, Oceanic, and Tusa regulators. For most major manufacturer’s regulators, we also have contract technicians that can service your regulator under their lifetime warranties (if applicable).

For regulators out of factory warranty, regulator servicing is also available by our technicians.

Q: Do you have rental gear?
A: We rent have everything from complete rental packages (starting at $40 Cdn a day) to drysuit rentals. Gear rentals are 50% off on the second day for those wishing to rent gear for the weekend. Perhaps you should consider our 6 month rental package at $349 Cdn, ($100 for 3 months for newly certified divers). Our gear is less than 1 year old, in excellent condition, and checked every month to guarantee no hassle use by our clients.

Q: Do you have organized regular dives?
A: Yes. On Sundays, we have groups of divers lead by a divemaster or instructor that meet to do local dives at no cost to the participants.

We have a buddy box for those looking for people to dive with and we have a dive club where membership gets you benefits like free airfills, in-store discounts on gear and services just to name a few.

We also have big events like Singles dive and dines, underwater pumpkin carving contests, treasure hunts, beach clean-ups, underwater Easter egg hunts, fish counts and so on. Check our website or our newsletter for details on upcoming diving events.

Q: Do you offer advanced and specialty diver training?
A: Yes! To keep up with advanced technology and the varied interests of divers, we offer all kinds of training from free-diving (breath-hold diving), wreck penetration to enriched air use. Our list keeps growing so visit our courses section to find out the latest list of available training and course schedules.

Q: Do you have to be a good swimmer to go scuba diving?
A: You should be able to swim but you do not have to be an Olympic champion. Each open water course will make you comfortable and relaxed in the water. Scuba diving is meant to be relaxing not a mad dash to the finish line.

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